Richard was born cool, and boy, does he know it.  From the outside, his life looks amazing, but from the inside, all he knows is “it fits.”  Yeah, he’s been to Iceland and China to take pictures.  Sure, he photographed for years out at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  When the next big earthquake hits SF, he knows not to be sitting under the two 8×10 cameras above his head in his office. He doesn’t use them much anymore, but they sure look awesome up there.  Most likely he will be out in some office park taking some damn good headshots.  Eating a protein bar to stay in his weight category.  He will not talk about his latest diet.  Or his awesome stuff. He will probably use a white background.  He is sick of gray.  It is neither here nor there.  Plus gray seamless just plain looks like junk without post.  Do you want to pay that much for post?  Richard doesn’t think so.  He spells pretty well, and he likes his horizon lines level, until he doesn’t. He used to Dutch Tilt a LOT.  Thankfully he got over that.  Did you know it is not really “Dutch?” He is plenty technical, having shot film for years.  Now he breaks some of the old rules, but in an ironic way.  He only drives really cool old cars like his 2004 Toyota Sienna, and has a love/hate relationship with hydrocarbon based transportation.  He prefers walking, although it gets old lugging all that lighting gear.  He rides a vintage aluminum mountain bike that his dad didn’t want any more.  Almost as heavy as steel, but with few of the benefits.  Yes, the bike has been to Burning Man.  Still has Playa dust on it too.  Did we mention coffee? Craft beer? Small-batch Bourbon? He likes all of those things.  He admits he is a latecomer to the Bourbon.  Mostly because you investment bankers priced him out of single malts.  Richard has kids.  They are pretty cute in their own way.  But they are getting sick and tired of his parental bullshit.   They think they know better, and like most kids, they probably do.

But let’s talk about YOU and YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY NEEDS!


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  1. now i know why you’re my favorite son-in-law, in a nice, safe secure business w free plastic pocket protectors … tell MEH you have the title for her next book: “Early Parenting Shit” … seriously, this is a killer site Richard and your work just gets better and better; I love the grouping by music genre & wonder if it’s technically feasible to lay in a sound track of said tunes, at least on the slide show? as for my pugnacious punum, you had to face it only the once, I have to shave it daily. see you soon at the hindu do, luv to all Ed

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