More Scanner Art

Well, I have hit the old scanner again.  Actually it is a new scanner, albeit a cheap one.  Cheap does not mean bad though.  It works quite well.  I am toying with obtaining another one before the end of the year though, one that has a transparency attachment.  It is just nice to have that flexibility.  The only real comment I have about this specific image pertains to DUST.  Not the Philip Pullman brand of dust, but normal dust that floats around us all the time, and dust (or pollen or whatever) that falls off dying flowers.  I was able to use the Photoshop “dust and scratches” filter to save me a bit of tedium, but were I to print this much larger, I would have to do it by hand.    This is one of those images that gains a lot from size, so at some point I will have to deal with the dust.  For now, printed at about 12×15 inches, it is fine.  It will be on the wall at the APA “Something Personal” Show tomorrow in San Francisco,  and I am interested to see how it framed (no mat).  Living on the edge.


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