Another fun photo session…a reminder of why editorial photography is worth pursuing

Soyoung Scanlan, Andanate Dairy

[Soyoung Scanlan, Andante Dairy]

Well, every now and then I forget why I became so attracted to editorial photography in the first place. The last decade has not been kind to editorial photographers, or to the magazines themselves. The consolidation in the publishing industry, the digital revolution, the incessant redistribution of wealth and power towards owners rather than workers (sorry…can’t resist the accurate diagnosis) have all lessened the possibility of making a living doing magazine photography. Thus I have shifted more to the corporate world, and to certain niche editorial clients who still need a trustworthy and reliable communicator who can get good images under almost any circumstances.

The practice of the craft and the act of creation is ALWAYS a pleasure, but sometimes you are given such gifts from the magazine gods that you are reminded of why you got into this in the first place. These images are from one of those photo sessions.

This is one of those clients whose magazine is a labor of love, and it’s subject, the world of food and wine, is a favorite of mine. So when I got called to do this job, I was just happy to go and do the job, even though the money is not quite what I need to keep the massive photo operation going. And happily, as always seems to work with this client, I get lucky and they run more photos than anticipated, and I make a bit more money. But the REAL reason I am writing this, is because of the EXPERIENCE that I invariably have when working for this publication. And this day was no exception. I got to go someplace I had never been before, see new things, meet interesting and engaged people, and even walk away with some INCREDIBLE CHEESE. What could be better?

Just to tell you how amazing this subject is, I was photographing her in a full length photo, and I commented on her apron and how it looked like a gown to me, at which point she mentioned that she had made it, because she did not like the materials or cut of other aprons. Well, if that is not the DIY ethic that I so admire, I don’t know what is.

And, she gave great photo (as you can see) and gave both me and my assistant a bunch (a BUNCH!) of her incredible cheese. Wow. It was one of those perfect days. And as we were leaving, I stopped to take some photos of some large excavation equipment on the ranch that was rusting very artistically.

I apologize for the gushing and the lack of sarcasm or snark. But sometimes, the cosmos works as intended, or at least as desired. So when the editorial stars align, this is what you can get.


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