Show of “Speed Week” work in Moab, Utah…FINALLY!


Yep…a nice show in Moab, Utah, thanks to Brian Parkin and Marian Boardley at Moab Art Works. I drove out from SF with a bunch of prints and mats, we hung them up, and they look great (REALLY GREAT!). They are all from film shot over several years out at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and I have not printed many of them this big before. Things look GREAT when they are big (especially if they looked pretty good to begin with). Perhaps the most fun are the panoramics from 6×17 negatives. I had them scanned at about 30 inches by 85 inches, but could only print them at 1/2 that size for the time being. Nice scans and file prep make all the difference (thanks to Steve and LeAnn at Digital Takeout in SF, and Lenny Eiger in Petaluma). Here is the poster done by Marian, with an incredible font that I THINK is actually called “Land Speed Record.” What are the chances of that?


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