Gray Card Images and Misfires

I have become more and more enthralled with the throwaway photo in this digital age, the one that you have no intention of using.  Yes, I am talking about “The Gray Card Photo.”  Being of the old school, I am still amazed at how good the digital equipment is for getting nice color under an amazing range of light.  As a bonus it has spawned a whole new genre of photographs that are intended to be discarded, but upon further examination, present some interesting situations.  These range from subjects who are momentarily distracted and hiding behind the gray card, to bored assistants who would rather be somewhere else or at least shooting the photo the way it SHOULD be done (they are probably right).

The second category that I am enjoying these days are the random shots when you pick up the camera and it goes off accidentally.  I am not much of a klutz, but you do tend to grab these expensive objects in a hurry, with the goal of not letting go.  And there seems to be no danger (usually) to them going off, and in fact, you get some really cool shots.  Random shots in very staged situations.  I am a bit of a control freak, and the decisive moment can often be more interesting when accidental.

New Style Headshot


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